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To improve anesthesia

To improve anesthesia
Introduction of the certification system of physicians specialized in anesthesiology

The Japanese Society of Anesthesiologists established a certification system for physicians specializing in anesthesiology in 1962. This was the first specialized certification system in Japanese medicine.  The system certifies anesthesiologists who perform anesthesia, work exclusively in pain clinics, or are involved in intensive critical care. Physicians specializing in the study of anesthesiology take a written examination after 3 years and then oral and practical skill examinations in the 6th year.  Physicians who pass these examinations are certified as JSA Board Certified Anesthesilogists.  So far, 5,989 physicians have acquired this certification.

As a rule, hospitals certified by JSA provide surgery in many fields and employ one or more JSA Board Certified Anesthesilogists, physicians who are certified specialists in anesthesiology qualified to instruct anesthesiology trainees.  Hospitals are assessed and certified by JSA, with 791 hospitals in Japan meeting criteria as of 2008.  Hospitals maintain a high level of care since they are re-examined every 5 years.

Patients should determine whether the hospital at which they will receive anesthesia is certified. This will help them ensure that they will receive a high level of care.